A Welcoming Walk-off Mat? Yep.

Exterior Mats

Meet The Outsider.

The beautifully designed, functional doormat.

Modern Design

The Outsider features modern design aesthetics engineered for superior strength and durability.


The center insert is textured for superior scrubbing to trap dirt and debris, is removable for easy cleaning.

Durable And Resistant

Polypropylene insert fibers provide unbeatable resistance to wear, UV and staining, including bleach, salt, ink and more.

Greatest purchase of all time. I could not be happier about my PORCH AND HALL front door mat. Not only do I absolutely love it, but every single person that comes through my doorway comments on how beautiful it is!!

GIA | Verified Reviewer

Perfection. I’ve had my outsider in front of our most trafficked door, exposed to all kinds of weather, for several months now – and it still looks brand new. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you thank you!

Christine | Verified Reviewer

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Why Porch + Hall?

Last step in. First step out. Porch + Hall believes your mat should be both beautiful and functional.

What greets your feet should be just as thoughtful as the rest of your home, so we spent two years designing and manufacturing our line to prove it.

Explore our new collection and discover what a difference a first impression can make.

Our products are a seamless extension of the environment you’ve worked so hard to create. We might be underfoot, but we are never overlooked.

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