The Outsider Exterior Mat

Reinvent Your Welcome.

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A fresh take on the doormat.

Porch + Hall believes deeply that what greets you at home impacts your sense of well being.

How we’re solving the doormat dilemma:

  • Our mat doesn’t shed bits for you to clean up.
  • Our mat just won’t move. It stays where you put it.
  • No more semi-annual trips to hardware store to replace your disintegrated mat.

Greatest purchase of all time. I could not be happier about my PORCH AND HALL front door mat. Not only do I absolutely love it, but every single person that comes through my doorway comments on how beautiful it is!!

GIA | Verified Reviewer

Love the look, size and sturdiness of this door mat. I'll be back for more before winter! Functional and elegant - I love it.

Jenny R. | Verified Reviewer

Perfection. I’ve had my outsider in front of our most trafficked door, exposed to all kinds of weather, for several months now – and it still looks brand new. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you thank you!

Christine | Verified Reviewer


A honeycombed rubber base drains water and provides a stable foundation to keep The Outsider in place.

Shake out. Hose down. Put back. That’s it.

The center insert is textured for superior scrubbing to trap dirt and debris, is removable for easy cleaning and comes in 3 colors.

Works of Art Need Beautiful Frames.

Customize yours with powder-coated aluminum corners and engineered wood rails in multiple finish options.

Invest in superior durability 
and functionality.

Our patent-pending design and superior utility set new standards for what a doormat can be.