About Porch+Hall

How it all started

After twenty years as an interior designer, I began my quest to solve the doormat dilemma that had frustrated my clients and me for years.

Our wish was seemingly simple...give us a beautifully designed, functional doormat that reflects our home’s overall aesthetic (bonus points for no shedding or silly slogans).

After countless prototypes and two years of trial and error, we developed The Outsider and its interior companion series The Insider.

Thank you for supporting our vision to reimagine the most unassuming of objects into a welcome work of art.

Feel free to walk all over us.

First impressions matter

Our mission is to provide design-driven, functional solutions for the most underrated area of the home. Our products are a seamless extension of the environment you’ve worked so hard to create. We might be underfoot, but we are never overlooked.


Porch + Hall believes in the power of supporting nonprofits near and dear to our heart. We have developed a partnership with our friends at the One Love Foundation, committing 2% of all profits to the organization. One Love was founded in honor of Yeardley Love, a 22-year-old college student who was killed by her ex-boyfriend. After her death, the family started the One Love Foundation to educate young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. One Love works to ensure that what happened to Yeardley doesn’t happen to others by empowering young people to identify and avoid abuse and teaching them how to love better.

Your Porch + Hall purchase helps One Love programs reach new people and communities every day. For more information about One Love, visit http://joinonelove.org

Hall Monitor

We’d love to see our mats in your home.