Why Pay More for a Doormat?


Check out this photo from a customer in Maine. That beauty in the background is a 1953 MG. And pretty good company for our Outsider mat. It got me thinking about what's "built to last" these days. Certainly not many doormats. They shed, fade, retain water and quickly end up in your trash. What kind of “welcome” is that at your door?

I knew we could create a product that performed better and looked better. I spent two years on design and manufacturing until we got it right. Yes, we built a beautiful mat that is built to last.

The Outsider features these premium materials:

  • honeycomb base for drainage
  • engineered wood rails for durability
  • powder-coated aluminum corners for aesthetic 
  • hidden steel supports for stability
  • removable insert for easy cleaning

The Outsider costs more than your "average" doormat. That's because it's the furthest thing from average. It will bring style and substance to your home for years to come.

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Our patented Outsider is built to last. Oh, and looks great, too.